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 Changing of the Ranks

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PostSubject: Changing of the Ranks   Thu May 31, 2012 10:04 pm

Josiah was talking about changing the ranks around, and I agree. What our alliance is lacking is the following:

1) A Council

2) A Code of Conduct (CoC)

3) A well written introduction article on the Supremacy 1914 Forum under Alliance Introductions. This article should explain our ranking hierarchy, Code of Conduct, and the purpose of the formation of the SNA.

I'll address the first one now. As for the Code of Conduct I'll post another thread stating what I believe should be in the CoC. As for # 3 I'll get to that later.

I want to make this clear that I'm not trying to stripe Josiah of his power, regardless if the council forms or not he has the final say. Josiah reserves the right to override the council if needed.

Here is my open letter to Josiah:

Josiah, we need to adjust our ranks around a bit. I proposal you create a group called “Council”, just rename the group Captain to Council. You'll appoint five people to this Council, each person will have something they oversee. Such as a “Match Coordinator”, “Welcoming Committee Coordinator”, “Administration Head”, “Roll Call Coordinator”, and “Speaker of the Council”.

What will each of these people do?

Match Coordinator: Gets us matches with other alliances.

Welcoming Committee Coordinator: Sends a message to new members and answers any questions they may have.

Administration Head: Brings to Councils attention if they is someone who needs to be promoted/demoted or banned from forum or removed from alliance. Council takes a vote to promote/demote or remove people from the forum or alliance. 2/3 vote is needed for passage. Council must have good reason to ban someone from forum or kick someone out of alliance. Josiah reserves the right to override the Council if they don't have a good enough reason to ban someone/ remove someone from the alliance.

Speaker of the Council: Leader of the Council. Gets two votes in a tie breaking situation otherwise one vote like the rest of the Council.

Roll Call Coordinator: Starts the Roll Call, recommends those who failed to show up for removal from the alliance to the Administration Head.

In the situation that there is vacancy within the Council, the Council will appoint new members with a 2/3 vote for passage.

I recommend that you give the Council moderator rights on the Supremacy 1914 alliance page. If you feel uncomfortable with five people having moderator rights then only give the Speaker of the Council moderator rights.

About the Commander rank, please rename it to “Senior Member”. I believe that is a more suitable name as Commander sounds like head of the alliance. Senior Members are members who have been around the alliance for at least a few months and are generally considered to be prospective candidates for the Council. If there is no suitable Senior Member for the Council, the Council may appoint members to the Council.

The Hierarchy of Ranks from Highest to Lowest

Admiral: Josiah the Great


Senior Members:


I believe these changes will help our alliance greatly when it comes to recruitment. People want to join alliances that have a Council, a Code of Conduct, and a clear objective.

I understand you are still on restriction, so whenever you get around to reading this I would like you to take this into consideration.

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Josiah the Great

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PostSubject: Re: Changing of the Ranks   Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:26 am

Ah total.

Okay! I like what your trying to do... and i think it would actually work quite well.

Now i believe that it would do us very well to actually have a recruiter in the alliance. That way someone can dedicate some time to finding new members for the group. We should remove the welcome committee, and give the job to the administer head.

Also i agree totally with changing the rank titles. I actually think i may just get rid of them completely, and have these be the final ranks

-Council Member

The speaker of the house would be the only person who gets access to the forums.
Also, i think it would be easiest for me to appoint the members of the council.

Gotta question? Question Send me a PM and i'll answer it! Cool


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Changing of the Ranks
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