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 War Replacment

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PostSubject: War Replacment   Thu Aug 11, 2011 3:08 pm

This is my idea for the replacment map (to replace ten nations). It is based in a fictional alternate reality in 1898.


The Holy Britannia Empire


Government: Constitutional Monarchy and Theocracy

Capital: London

Population: 4 Billion

Army: The focus is mainly in the Navy but she also has a monsterous army that is the second largests in the world.

History: The nation of Britain(The official casual name for the Empire) expanded greatly in the 17th century to include most of North America and Africa. During the war of 1750 the losing Spanish and French were forced to give almost all of their colonies to The Holy Empire. Since then the empire has grown into Asia and includes almost half the world's land mass and roughly a third of the world's population.

Claims to fame: The most industrialized Empire in the world and famous for patriotism.

The Kingdom of China


Government: Absolute Monarchy

Capital: Beijing

Population: 8 Billion

Army: China has the world's largest standing army but no navy or other technical units, since China is the poorest country in the world all of their industrilazation is located in four provinces around the Capital

History: During the war of 1750 many Asian nations became worried about European imperialism and about half of the countries begged to be made a part of China. The rest were crushed in a series of sneak attacks by the Chinese when Europe was to busy to deal with the now monsterous China. After the war China's population was so big that it was almost impossible, even with the latest in technology, to invade China since they had more than all the rest of the world comboned.

Claims to fame: Largest population, Largest army, largest agricultural sector and to poor to industrilize.

The European Union


Government: Mostly democracies, except Monarchist Russia. Each country elects a person to The European Parliment and from there the elected peoples decide on a leader of Europe, who has absolute power that even trumps an individual nations government.

Capital: depends on where the president is from (If he/she is French the capital is Paris and so forth)

Population: 3 Billion (1 Billion are Russian)

Army: Although Europe has a sizable army it remains the smallest army in the world because of population. It has a small navy used mostly to deal with sometimes rebellious areas (a problem shared by all countries). It has the best fortifications in the world however and is almost impossible to invade because of the harsh winters of the East and mountains in the south.

After a humiliating defeat at the hands of The Holy Kingdom of Britannia many European countries felt threatened by the now unopposed British. IN responce to this threat the rulers of every country in Europe, including The UK, met in Switzerland. Most of the nations agreed to unite under an elected government and dissolve the monarchies (except Russia who was accomidated since they were a vital part of the future economy and army). Although Russia is famous for having a rebellious streak the Tzar finally accepted terms squarly in his favour including Russia being given two seats in Parliment, resulting in Russians dominating the government. The UK agreed to never invade Europe if assured Europe would never ally with another nation. (RPB: None of the nations ever ally in the RP because they all hate each other. So each of us is on our own basically.)

Claims to Fame: Best forts in the world(The reson why they have not been invaded by China or Britannia), the largest calvery in the world and notorious for in fighting during presidential elections (remember they are held together by need not want).

*Permanantly Neutral Countries

Government: Varies

Capitol: Varies

Population: 1 billion total but each country varies

Army: None

History: At the conference in Switzerland Britannia and China brown beat Europe into letting countries declare permanent neutrality. In order for a country to remain indipendant of rule by any of the three powers they had to disband their armies forever, give up their right to declare war and declare forever neutrality. This let countries that had not yet been occupied opt out of world affairs. They were also banned from having alliances or doing anything militaristic including building defences. All countries agreed that if one was attacked the other two would invade the agressor. This was also the only part of the conference that two Empires ever agreed to and had no hard feelings afterwords about.

Claims to Fame: The only nations in the world that are not Chinese, British or United European.
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PostSubject: Re: War Replacment   Thu Aug 11, 2011 6:39 pm

Just FYI as always I call Britannia. That is if we decide to play this game as a REPLACEMENT war RPG. I think it is good because we can only play as us, and we can not ally (In the RPG it is because the three nations do not get along, in RL it is to make the game more complex and add dynamics to any wars that may occure)
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Josiah the Great

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PostSubject: Re: War Replacment   Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:11 pm

Kenny, why must we always play on such large maps? Of it is just 3 of us, then why not slim down the map? Say, we take the state of Georgia, and split it up into 3 different parts. Give bonuses, disadvantages to each part. Something like that i think would be pretty interesting.

Gotta question? Question Send me a PM and i'll answer it! Cool


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PostSubject: Re: War Replacment   Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:04 am

Well, I have this to say:

1. I agree with Josiah, this countries are way too big. Maybe we should play Britain, France and Germany, or Spain, Italy and France. They are more manageable countries and more controllable, while they bring the same excitement and fun.

2. Why is it always that Europe cannot be invaded, Brittania has the biggest navy and best armies, and the other has a HUGE army but has no quality? I find it a bit unfair that your country is, well, the best.

3. I find it impossible that in 1750 Spain and France lost, when they were 2 of the most powerful European powers in economy, enlightenment, armies and navy. Also, although they lost the 7 Year War, they NEVER ceded so much territory to Britain, specially France who even gave territory to Spain. And Spain still had a firm grip on its colonies in America and Europe (Naples, Sicily, Milan, Belgium and Netherlands).

4. How can China be so far behind when they have the provinces that hold most oil in the world. I mean, in this times they weren't very advance, but they had tanks and artillery.

5. How come Brittania maintained such a hold of U.S. when they were about to start the Independence War?

I just find it too separated from what really was happening in the 18th century.

Admiral of the Caribbean
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PostSubject: Re: War Replacment   Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:50 am

2)Ever hear of a Russian winter Yulius?Wink

Also I have to give Europe an advantage and defence is their specialty, especially Russia

3) This is an alternate reality so I changed history to make the big map work

4) They have alot of territory to delvelop and they have the world's biggest mountains hindering railroads ect

Also it counter acts their big armies and large populations

5)Again alternate reality, even in the universe the movment was unpopular in America because being british gave them the wolrd's best protection.

It is an alternat euniverse, but I will make a diffrent map so that we can all be happy:)
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PostSubject: Re: War Replacment   Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:03 pm



Admiral of the Caribbean
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PostSubject: Re: War Replacment   

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War Replacment
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