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 Simplified Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Simplified Code of Conduct   Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:41 am

Much like a constitution amendments are added to the CoC, and it has grown rather large. I have made a smaller yet more straight to the point CoC.

Simplified CoC 5-24-13 Approved by TWD

1) No member shall use any means to cheat in this game. Wolfpacking, multi-accounting and forming massive in-game alliances (larger then three-way) in our internal games is considered cheating.

2) All members will follow German Law when playing Supremacy 1914. They will not glorify Germany's actions during WWII.

3) The leader(s) of the alliance have the final say.

4) SNA members will not attempt to recruit people in other alliances, unless asked about recruitment into the SNA by someone already in an alliance.

5) Use of goldmarks in alliance challenges and team practice matches is forbidden.

6) Members of the SNA will not conspire against their own team in alliance challenges and team practice matches.

7) All rules in the CoC are not retroactive and take effect once approved by an Admiral.

8) If you have a compliant that you believe has merits, you may freely take it via private message to any of the higher ups. You will not be punished or ignored for compliant(s).

9) If the Admirals disagree on a decision they may take a vote on it. Each Admiral will count as one vote, the official leader of the SNA on the Supremacy 1914 alliance page will be given two votes in a tie breaking situation. Absolute majority (over 50%) must be attained for decision to pass.

10) All members will try their best to remain loyal to other SNA members if they are allied to them within a game. Picking one ally over another is allowed. However, excessive backstabbing, or allying everyone and picking off the weakest is not allowed. No alliances larger than three-way should form in our internal games. Excessive backstabbing will be considered two times within one game or numerous times non-consecutively. Attacking an ally that went inactive is not defined as backstabbing. People who ally everyone to see there maps to plot against them, don't belong in the SNA and will be booted on their first offense. There is no restriction on alliance size in team practice matches.

Failure to comply with the CoC will result in reprimand/demotion or termination from the SNA.

I'll approve this new version within a day, if there are any typos are grammar errors speak up. Or you want something added reply to this thread.

Removed the follow:

4) Members of the SNA may not double clan in this game, if they have a second account they may not be in another alliance. Though the may be in other communities outside of Supremacy 1914 such as FPS games.

As I reread the ToS and it clearly states that participants can only use one account at a time. So this the above is not needed in the CoC as it's outlawed by the ToS and wasn't a issue in the SNA. I put mutli-accounting down as cheating as it's outlawed in the ToS.

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PostSubject: Re: Simplified Code of Conduct   Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:25 pm

Good work Smile
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Simplified Code of Conduct
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